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4. Pet Angel Email

Access to Pet Angels Email

All Angels have been allocated a Pet Angel email address. Your email address should be in the following format:

Pet Angels email is accessed via a Webmail service called 'Squirrel Mail'. The website address to access this is Login with your Angel email address and the password that was allocated to you.

If you forget your password please email us and we can reset it for you. Unfortunately we don't have the ability to synchronise website passwords with email passwords. If you would like your email password to be changed, then please contact us and tell us what you'd like it to be. We can update it for you.

Email Notifications

You will receive an email notification in your personal email account to let you know when you have a new Pet Angels email. The email notification has a link in it to Pet Angels Webmail so that you can click on it and log straight in.

The database that sends the email notifications checks your Pet Angels email account for new emails every 30mins. It will also send you a reminder email every 6 hours if it sees that you have not yet been in to open your Pet Angels email. Note that any email left unread in your Pet Angels email account will be picked up my the email notification system.

The personal email account that the system sends notifications to is the personal email that you have listed within your Angel Profile. If you want the notifications to go to a different personal email, then you need to update your email address in your profile.

You will receive email notifications predominantly for customer bookings and changes to customer bookings. However you amy also receive emails from clients, as it is your Pet Angels email address that they are given when they make a booking.

Of course, you will also receive texts when you receive a new booking.

Setting up an Email Signature

An email signature is automated text that is placed at the bottom of all of your sent emails. It is a good idea to include an email signature with some of your contact details so your client has these on hand straight away should they want to contact you. (While the client has your details within their client homepage, this is just another way to ensure that they have them).

Here is a sample email signature for you:

Lisa Casagranda - Pet Angel
Mobile: 027 123 4567
Bookings: 0800 738 264 or
Pet Angels Ltd ~ Heavenly Pet Care

To set up your email signature, follow these instructions:

1. Login to Pet Angels webmail service at
2. Click 'Settings' in the menu at the right-hand top of the main page
3. Click on 'Identities'
4. Click on your email address
5. Enter your First and Last name in 'Display Name'
6. Tick 'HTML Signature' and 'Set as Default'
7. Enter your signature into the signature box as per the example above. To make it easier for you, copy the above example; paste it into this box; and edit it from there.
8. Click 'Save'

That's it! To get back to the main page, just click on the Pet Angels logo. Contact us any time if you need help with this.