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3. Managing Your Bookings

How to use the Website to Manage Your Bookings

The following is an outline of what happens when a customer makes a booking with us online, and what you need to do to acknowledge and follow up with that booking. Please read through these steps carefully, as there is quite a lot of detail presented here. Don't worry - It's actually very intuitive and easy to use once you know your way around.

Here are links to each of the areas covered so you can easily come back to them:

Receiving Notification of a Client Booking

When a customer performs an online search for an Angel, they will be presented only with the Angels that match their specific criteria. These criteria include the service they are after, the area they live in, the pets they have and the dates they need the service. Once a customer has reviewed the Angel profiles that meet their needs and have selected their preferred Angel, they are asked to Register with us before finalising payment for their booking. The basic registration details include the client's name, contact details, their pet/s names and the types of pets. These details are then made available to the Angel that they have made their booking with. Please note: once a booking is made, the selected Angel's contact details are also made availabe to the client. This includes your phone numbers and Pet Angels email address.

Once the client's payment has been confirmed, the selected Angel is sent a text message and an automated email from the website notifying you of the booking. You will also receive an email notification in your personal email account letting you know that you have received a Pet Angels email. You will then need to login to your Pet Angels email account to get access to the booking email (for instructions on how to do this, see the section on Pet Angels email).

The booking email that will be sent to your Pet Angel email address will be in the following format:

Subject: New Customer Laura Humphreys has just booked you for Wed, 14 March

Lisa  Casagranda Feeding - once a day  Raphael, Xas  
Wed, 14 March, 16 Matai Road, Hataitai

Lisa  Casagranda Feeding - once a day  Raphael, Xas  
Thu, 15 March, 16 Matai Road, Hataitai

Lisa  Casagranda Feeding - once a day  Raphael, Xas  
Fri, 16 March, 16 Matai Road, Hataitai

Lisa  Casagranda Meet & Greet - Raphael, Xas  
(no date), 16 Matai Road, Hataitai


Some important points about this booking email:

  • The subject line of the email will only include the first date of the booking
  • If you click on the link provided underneath each booking date you will be taken to the basic details of the booking; but not the customer's contact details. To access the customer's contact details you must login to the Pet Angels website.
  • Meet & Greets do not normally have a date allocated to them. They are presented as 'no date' so that you can organise a suitable date and time with the client when you contact them.

Viewing and Acknowledging a Client Booking

Once you login to the Pet Angels website, you will see your upcoming appointments presented as follows:

The 'Upcoming Appointments' table shows you all of your upcoming bookings; the date they are scheduled for; a brief overview of what the appointment is and who it is for; a photo of the pet (if the client has uploaded one); some action buttons that you will need to click on and a notes area.

The most important parts of this table are highlighted in the following diagram, and are explained below.

Activity Column
The activity box shows you a summary of your appointments for each relevant date. If you have two appointments on the same day, you will see the date presented only once and the appointments listed in a row underneath the first appointment for that date.

Important: appointments are not listed in time order, as the website does not cater to specific time slots within a day. It's up to you to agree with your client the time of the day a service will be delivered , and put these times into your own diary.

The activity box provides links to additional information about your booking. The service that has been booked is highlighted as a purple link. In this example it says "Feeding - once a day'. If you click on this you will be presented with a summary page of the booking as per the example below, with a place to enter a pet log or 'plog'.  However, most clients and Angels prefer to communicate via text.

You will also see the client's name highlighted in purple. Click on this to be taken to your client's contact details, and all of the details they have filled in about their house, emergency contacts and vet. Please use these contact details and get in touch with your client by phone or text as soon as you can.

Pets Column
If the customer has uploaded a photo of their pet, then you will see the photo here. If they haven't uploaded a photo, then you will see either Irma for female pets or Otto for male pets.

Action Column
Here you will see a number of action bottons, including Booking Acknowledged, Add a Plog and Job Completed. These are each described below ...

  • The Booking Acknowledged button is the first button you should click when you login to your homepage and take note of your booking. Clicking this does two things. 1 - it sends an email to the customer to say that you have acknowledged the booking. 2 - It tells Pet Angels HQ that you are aware of the booking.

    Important - it is not enough just to click on the Booking Acknowledged button and then assume that the customer knows that you know about their booking. You must contact the customer via phone as well.

  • The Add a Plog button (which stands for Pet Log) takes you to the booking summary page where you will see an area to add a note to your client. You use this area to tell clients how an assignment went on that particular day. Please see the diagram above to see where you enter your plog.

  • The Job Completed button only appears to you on the day that an appointment is scheduled for. You must click this for each assignment that is completed. Clicking this button notifies us that the job has been completed, and will move the assignment onto your timesheet for payment.

Notes Column
The notes column will display any notes that your client has left for you. There is a notes column for each assignment. To respond to a client's note you can leave a plog or email your customer.

Scheduling a Meet & Greet / Unscheduled Bookings

If a client has booked a Meet & Greet with you and has not chosen a date for the meeting, the appointment will appear in a table on your Angel homepage called 'Unscheduled Bookings'. All this means is that a date can be allocated by you and the client once you have given them a call to arrange a suitable time. To allocate a date, click on the "Edit Booking" link within the Activity box and you will be taken to the Booking Summary page. Against "What date do you require" you will see a little calendar icon. Click on this and choose the date that you agreed with your client. This will move the appointment into your Upcoming Appointments table as well as the client's.

Other times an Unscheduled Booking could appear on your homepage is when your client has had to Raincheck a booking. A Raincheck is basically a booking put on hold for use on another date. For example, we've had walks postponed because of weather and feeding postponed because the client was home with the flu. The client has an option to Raincheck their booking so they can schedule it with you at another time instead of cancelling it. You don't need to do anything with these types of unscheduled bookings - your client or HQ will update the dates for these, and you will be notified.


When you receive a new booking or a change has been made to a booking then you will see an alert appear on your homepage. These are there to make it easy for you to know what's changed since you were last on your homepage. The alerts link to the details of the booking that was added or changed. To acknowledge that you have seen the alert (or to get rid of them) just click 'close' beneath the alert.

You will never lose your alerts. If you ever want to see them again you can view them all by clicking "Review Alerts" in the left hand navigation menu.

Alerts appear in the top right of your Angel Homepage. Only three will appear at a time. Click 'Close' to acknowledge them. To look at past alerts, or view all alerts, then click on 'Review Alerts' in the main navigation menu.

My Appointments Summary

To view all of your appointments within a particular week, or to view all of your appointments within a particular month, click on 'My Appointments' in the main navigation menu.

This will take you to a summary calendar view of all of your bookings as per the image below. It will take you to the most recent week, and if you click on "view appointments for entire month" it will take you to a monthly view. In the monthly view you can scroll from month to month.


The timesheets area is where your bookings get moved to once you click 'Complete' for assignments you have delivered. It will show you the date of the booking, who the client was, what service was delivered and what the rate of pay is. You can click on the purple job number if you ever want to look at the details of a particular assignment.

Important - Some of the rates of pay do not align with what is in your contract. This is because some of the rates were updated while the website was being built. Please don't be concerned about this - when we enter your timesheets into iPayroll for payment we always check the assignment and make sure the rate is correct. All of the rates within iPayroll are up to date. If you ever have any concerns about this, please contact us.

That's all you need to do! Once your assignments are complete, and are moved into this area then you will be paid for them. Click here to see upcoming pay cycle dates.