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2. Availability Calendar

Outside of your bookings, your availability calendar is the most important area of the website for you to maintain. Your availability calendar is used by the database to match you to the dates that customers require a service. The website will default your calendar to 'Unavailable' if it's not updated. This means that you will not appear in any customer search.

Your availability calendar allows you to show your availability by service. This means that you can mark yourself as available on a particular date for Pet Feeding and Walking, but not for Home Boarding (for example) - even though you provide all three services.

Instructions for how to update your availability calendar are provided below.

Please Note: If you are on a Macintosh computer the calendar functionality may not work properly. We've had feedback that Angels can't click on the individual service icons. If this is the case please give us a call or email us and we will update your calendar on your behalf.

How to Update Your Availability Calendar

The first step is to click "My Availability" on the right hand menu. It may take a short moment to load but you will be presented with your availability calendar.  An image icon to represent each service you are able to provide will show in each day’s box*. The default setting for your calendar is ‘unavailable’ so these icons will all appear greyed out.

*Please note - you will only see the icons for the services that you have been approved to provide. In this example the Angel is only approved to provide Dog Walking & Pet Feeding.

At the bottom of the calendar you will see the 'Update Availability' button and the service icon key.

To show you are available to accept a booking on any one day, simply select the checkbox for that day. By default, this will now show you as available to provide all services on that day.

To show your availability for only certain services on a particular day, click on the icon representing the service you are not accepting bookings for.  E.g. you might be available to provide Walking and Feeding services but are not available or are already booked for House Sitting or Home Boarding. When you click on a specific icon it will go grey.

In this example I am showing that I am available for Walking and Feeding, but not for House Sitting or Home Boarding. This means I will only appear in a customer search for these two services on this date.

Once you have received the maximum number of bookings for a service you can handle in one day, then go back to your calendar and click the icon for that service so that it is greyed out.  This will make sure that you don’t appear in a customer search and get double booked.

After updating the checkboxes and icons then please make sure you select the ‘Update Availability’ button to save your changes. Use the arrows at the top of the calendar to scroll to the next month. Please try to show your availability as far out into future as possible as this will increase your chances of receiving bookings. 

Customers are already planning their Winter holidays.  So if you know if you’re available at that time, please indicate it in your calendar.  Because the calendar defaults to “not available” you won’t turn up in a customer’s search results if you haven’t updated your calendar.  You can always go back and change it.

That's it. Congratulations! You are now ready to start receiving online bookings! Please contact us if you have any questions.