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1. Setting Up Your Angel Profile

Setting up your Angel Profile for the first time? Then start here ...

Step 1: Login and Select a New Password

When you become a Pet Angel you will be given an email address and a temporary password. Your email address is your Your password is the first three letters of your first name followed by the first three letters of your last name. So if your name is Amie McCarron, your email address would be and your password would be amimcc.  If your first or last name only contains two letters e.g. Jo Smith, then use a numeric 1 in the third place making the password jo1smi.

Angels login to the website using the same login box that our customers use. This is found in the top right hand corner of the Pet Angels homepage

Once you have successfully logged in you will be taken directly to your own Pet Angel Homepage.  This is asecure area of our website that only you have access to.

It is now important that you update your Angel Profile.

From the side menu click on the link 'My Profile'.

The first section of the My Profile page you will see your Pet Angel details. Check that your first and last name are spelled correctly.  We have uploaded one of the Pet Angel avatars (icons of Otto for the guys & Irma for the gals). If you would like your photo online, then you can replace this.

If you update any of your details here, then please make sure you click the "Update Details" button below the box to save them.

Step 2: Your Profile Information

The next section you will see your personal profile. To get you started we have created a draft personal profile for you based on the information you supplied to us on your application form.  You can update this information as much as you’d like to.

The Short Profile is what is displayed first to a customer while searching for an available Pet Angel.  The image to the right is a sample of how the short profiles are displayed to customers.

What a customer reads in your short profile may make the difference as to whether you are selected for their booking or not, so please review this and make sure it is friendly and descriptive of your abilities.  Note that the Short Profile is limited to 200 characters, so make sure you say the most important things here.

Once the customer sees a list of available Angels and their short profiles, they can click through to view a full profile of the Angel.  This is where you can tell them all the details about your experience, skills and personality.

Please review both your Short and Full Profile remembering it will be displayed to the customers when searching for an Angel. 

Helpful Hint 1: We recommend writing your long and short profiles in a Word document to begin with and then copy and paste them into the website once you are happy with them. This will allow you to spell check them, do a word count on your short profile (200 character limit), and most importantly, have your profile saved somewhere. If the website hiccups in any way while you are writing your profile, it will lose everything you've entered - so it's best to have it saved somewhere else as a back up.

Helpful Hint 2: If you are only available at certain times of the day – for example, after 2:30pm each day – then please include this in your personal profile. It helps customers to select the right Angel and helps ensure you only receive relevant bookings.

You will also want to add any relevant qualifications you have, and if you are providing Home Boarding then add any relevant information about your property in the corresponding field. If you are a Home Boarding Angel and have your own pets, then please state this here. Customers like to know if their pets will be with others.

The next two sections are your contact and address details.  Please check these are complete and accurate, and please make sure that you include your personal email address. Your personal email address WILL NOT be shared with customers, but it will be used by the website database for email notifications. Whenever you receive a booking or a change to a booking the website will notify your personal email that you have a Pet Angels email. We have done this so you don't have to continually check your Pet Angels email account.

Please note that your contact details will only be displayed to a customer AFTER they have booked and paid for the service.  That is, they will not appear on the public website.

Lastly in the top section of the form is the Change Password section. It is VERY important that you change your password. Your password must be at least SIX characters long and it is good practice to use a password that contains characters and letters.

Once you have updated all of these sections you should click the ‘Update Details’ button that appears under the Change Password section.

Step 3: Tell us what Pets you can care for

Once you have clicked 'Update Details' for the section above and are happy with what's presented there, then scroll back down to the section “Pets I can care for”. These are the pets you can provide care for by the service you have been approved to provide.  Update this as required. 

Helpful Hint: If you have a special skill that this simple list doesn’t cater for, then add some commentary to your detailed profile. For example, “I have lived on a farm all of my life, and am comfortable feeding and caring for cattle and sheep on a lifestyle block” or “I am a tropical fish hobbyist and I have extensive experience with caring for them and cleaning their tanks” or “I have owned an iguana for 10 years and am comfortable with feeding them”.

Step 4: Tell us what Suburbs you can work in

The next section is the suburbs that you can work in. That is, the suburbs you are happy to travel to to provide pet care services.  The initial checkboxes will open and close the regions and list all of the suburbs within that region. Please update this to show which suburbs you are happy to provide Walking & Feeding in, and if you are also approved for House Sitting, then the suburbs you are happy to travel to.  Note that this does not apply to Home Boarding, as this will default to the suburb you live in.

Select the ‘Update Details’ button to update both pets and suburbs.

Well done! You've now completed these important steps, and now you're ready to update your availability. If you want to have a look at how this will appear to customers, then click "My Contact Page" in the right hand menu. This presents all of the information you've supplied in an easily read format. This is the same page that customers will have access to - except your personal contact information.

Please click here to go to the next section on Updating Your Availability.