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The Way We Work

Central to how Pet Angels works is its website. This is where client bookings are received; where bookings are managed; where communication with customers takes place; and where assignments are finalised so that they can be transferred onto your timesheets for payment.

It's important that you make use of the website to support you in receiving bookings, including maintaining your Angel profile and updating your availability calendar. We can't stress enough how important these two things are to make sure that you appear in customer searches as well as receive relevant bookings.

Equally, if not more important, is the delivery of our pet care services. As we said during our training session - our Angels are the face of our business. You are meeting clients directly and you will be seen in your caps in and around the community. A high standard of service before, during and after an assignment is critical to our continued success. Below are some tips about what you can do to achieve this.

  • Contact clients within 24hrs of receiving a booking
    Please contact your client as soon as you can. Phone them, email them or even text them to ask them to ring you at a time that's convenient. Phone and text are prefereable to email, because email can take time to get through to someone - especially if they are using a work email address.

  • Wear your cap and wear a smile :-)
    When you're out and about with pets, the public are identifying you as an Angel. And if you're a dog owner you'll know that people love to approach people with pets to have a chat! Be prepared to talk about Pet Angels and what we do, and think about telling them your name so thay can specifically look for you and book you online. We had one Angel house sit for a client for 3 days, and during that time met three other neighbours of the client. Now the four neighbours are all using the same Angel! If you need some support on understanding our services, please read our Guide to Getting More Bookings.

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
    Clients love hearing from you. When Pet Feeding and Dog Walking remember to bring your note pad with you to leave a handwritten message for your client. Clients like to know how their pets are doing - even if not much happened! Some of our Angels text their clients during an assignment, and the feedback from clients is that they really appreciate this. Remember - these are their fur babies and they like to know that all is well. Make use of the plog area, or even send your client an email if they are away. If you don't have access to a computer while House Sitting, then contact us and we can do this for you.

Our overall objective is to get each Angel a group of regular customers that you can get to know and care for their pets on a regular basis. Our repeat customer rate is very high - which is due to the great job that each of our Angels does on their first assignments. HQ is here to support you throughout - helping get you clients and helping you to deliver a great service to them.

You may or may not have heard this statistic before, which has been proven true over and over. Provide a great service and clients may tell one or two people. Provide a poor service and clients will tell at least seven people! If you're ever unsure about something or run into a sticky situation, we're here to help. Contact us any time.