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Council Dog Walking Areas

Here are the approved dog walking areas for Wellington City, Lower Hutt City, Upper Hutt City, Porirua City and Kapiti. If you would like to review the Council dog control policies for each area we have provided links to each Council website below.

Wellington City Woof Woof Ruffs

Wellington City Council's dog control policy can be found here:

Lower Hutt City Dog Walking Areas

Lower Hutt City Council's dog control policy can be found here:

Upper Hutt City Dog Walking Areas

Upper Hutt City Council's dog control policy can be found here:

Dogs may be exercised at large, but under the control of their owners or a responsible person who has the owner’s permission to walk and/or exercise that dog in all Upper Hutt parks, except:

  • at times when Council approved activities are in progress; and
    in all playgrounds at all times; and
  • in all sports fields at all times; and
  • in wildlife areas at all times, namely Birchville Park and Te Haukaretu Park;

provided that the dogs do not cause a nuisance, or annoy any other users of these areas.

Porirua City Dog Walking Areas

Porirua City Council's dog control policy can be found here: Type 'dogs' into the search box and it will take you to the dog control policy page.


 Description of Area/Locality 

 Titahi Bay

Stuart Park*; Onepoto Park (Plantation Area)*


Wi-neera Drive Foreshore Reserve (between Titahi Bay Road and Semple Street); Tangere Drive Reserve (between Tangere Drive and Titahi Bay Road)

 Eastern Porirua

Bothamley Park; Cannons Creek Pool Reserve (area north of Cannons Creek Pool)

 Ascot Park

Ascot Park (Plantation Area)


Spinnaker Walkway Reserve*; The Quarterdeck Lookout Reserve 


Papakowhai Eastern Road Reserve* (area north of Tweed Road)


Ivey Bay Reserve

 Mana / Plimmerton

Camborne Walkway; Ngatitoa Domain (foreshore area)


Motukaraka Point Reserve except when being used for any organised public event

 Pukerua Bay

Greenmeadows Park; Muri Road Reserve


All beaches except that dogs are prohibited between the signs between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm during the period 01 November to 31 March each year on:
- Titahi Bay Beach
- Karehana Beach
- Paremata Beach
- Plimmerton Beach
- Browns Bay Beach
- Pukerua Bay Beach

* Please note that these areas have on-going possum control measures in place.  Dog owners should ensure their dogs do not be let loose in the bush or allowed to scavenge carcasses as they may be in danger of poisoning.

Kapiti Region Dog Walking Areas

Kapiti Regional Council's dog control policy can be found here:

Paekakariki Dog Walking Areas

Paraparaumu Dog Walking Areas

Waikanae Dog Walking Areas

Christchurch City Dog Walking Areas

There are five designated Dog Exercise Areas currently provided and maintained by the Christchurch City Council, with more planned for the future.

Dogs may be exercised in any Council owned reserve, provided that it is not a prohibited or restrained dog area. We do however, ask that you respect other people’s right to use these reserves.

You must use or carry a leash at all times while you are with your dog in public.

There are a few conditions that must be observed. Dog faeces must be removed immediately and all dogs must be kept under strict control by the use of voice, sign or leash. Any other conditions will be clearly signposted.

There are areas within the Christchurch City area that have been designated a “Restrained Dog Areas”, which means you are able to walk through these areas with your dog but it must be kept under control at all times by means of a leash.

There are also areas that have been designated as “Prohibited Dog Areas” and entry to these areas with a dog is strictly prohibited.

Dog owners who breach the Bylaw with regard to Prohibited or Restrained Dog Areas may be liable for prosecution or an infringement offence notice.

Groynes Dog Park – situated at the “Groynes” on Johns Road, Belfast.

A secure fenced area for exercising dogs, which includes, a spring fed stream with fresh clean water for them to splash in. A small agility area is also provided.

Owners can relax and enjoy a picnic with their dogs in a secure area with tables and seating and even a place to tether the dog. The park includes rubbish bins and a formal car parking area.

Gates open at 8.00am and close half an hour before sunset.

Victoria Dog Park – situated on the left as you enter Victoria Park on the Cashmere Hills.

Rocky outcrops and grasslands are a plenty in a secure fenced area, a water tap to quench the dogs thirst and disposal bins for dog droppings are also provided.

Gates are open from

  • 7.30am until 9.00pm (summer) and from
  • 7.30am until 7.00pm (winter).

Horseshoe Lake Reserve Dog Park – situated on Horseshoe Lake Road, Shirley.

Dog owners can relax while their dogs run free in a secure fenced area, limited seating is provided. The area is open all day. Dog agility area available.

Radley Dog Park – situated off Cumnor Terrace and Riley Crescent, Woolston.

This park has the first known dog agility course in New Zealand (similar as used in Tux Wonder Dogs) set up by the Council and its major sponsor Masterpet (NZ).

The area has six medium height agility obstacles for dogs and owners. Your dog can; scale the A frame, run through the tunnel, weave its magic through the weaving poles, walk the dog plank and so on.

The park is open all day and access is available through Cumnor Terrace or Riley Crescent and Catherine Street. The agility course is an open area within the park and is not fenced.

Styx Mill Reserve Dog Park – situated at Styx Mill Reserve off Hussey Road, Harewood.

A secure fenced area for where owners can let their dogs run freely. Toilet and car parking areas are provided. There is a lake area and the development of a dog agility course is being promoted.

Open from 7.30am to 5.30pm during the winter and from 7.30am until half an hour before sunset in the summer.

Bottle Lake Reserve – Waitikiri Drive, Burwood.

Although not a designated dog park and therefore unfenced, it is a very popular forest plantation area where owners can run, jog or walk with their dogs.

Many hundreds of people walk, run and mountain bike through this area so be careful to keep your dog under control at all times. Pindone and 1080 poisons are often laid in this area so check for warning signs before entering this area.

Bexley – Pages Road adjacent to New Brighton Soccer Club ground.

A fenced area for exercising dogs.


Dogs may be freely exercised on all beaches outside the summer months of daylight saving.

During the summer months of daylight saving and between the hours of 8.00am to 8.00pm daily the following areas of beach are prohibited to dogs except under the control of a short leash for the purpose of passing through.

  • For a distance of 100 metres in a northerly and southerly direction from the Spencer Park, Waimairi and North Beach Surf Life Saving Club’s Pavilion.
  • From the New Brighton Surf Life Saving Club’s Pavilion southwards to a point 100 metres southward of the Christchurch Pier.
  • For a distance of a 100 metres in a general northerly and southerly direction from the South New Brighton Surf Life Saving Club’s Pavilion.
  • During the summer months of daylight saving, dogs are prohibited for a distance of 100 metres in a northerly direction from the Sumner Surf Life Saving Club’s Pavilion and in a general southerly direction from the pavilion to Cave Rock.
  • For a distance of 50 metres in a general northerly and southerly direction from the Taylors Mistake Surf Life Saving Club’s Pavilion.
  • Any other area of beach between yellow and red flags which is patrolled by members of a surf life saving club for the purpose of public swimming.